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Connected life

IT2Rail — A multimodal travel companion

Designing a multimodal mobile app for planning “door-to-door” trips throughout Europe.

Our work

Traveler journeys
Audit, benchmark
UX and UI recommendations

In numbers

26 entities to coordinate


As part of a H2020 European research and innovation programme, attoma orchestrated the collaboration of 26 entities for the design of a Travel Companion application for the creation of seamless travel itineraries across different modes of transport.

The consortium of entities involved in the project is made up of IT corporations, transport companies, research centres, and universities. They are all a part of the Shift2Rail research and innovation programme for the railroad industry and the IT2Rail European research project.


To create a common language to align the different partners, who each have their own work methods and vocabulary. To connect the distinct functional and technical building blocks they have each created into a coherent whole. Ultimately, to create an integrated, simple, and fluid door-to-door traveler journey.


By adopting a user-centred, cross-sectional perspective, attoma made user experience the common denominator between the different technologies involved in the project.

By studying the existing tools, we were able to define together with the partners the best practices, the traveler personas, and the user journeys. Based on these, we mapped out a target vision for the traveler experience by creating a coherent narrative. This vision also made it possible to identify potential leverages for optimising existing and projected features.


By bringing together the know-how and innovative technical solutions of each partner, an interoperable framework was deployed without impacting the existing systems. This environment made it possible to then design a multimodal mobile app for door-to-door travel throughout Europe.

At the end of the collaboration, attoma was able to map out a fluid and personalised traveler journey using the different technological building blocks. The app covers all the necessary travel services, from ticket purchasing to trip tracking.

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