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Work 4.0

Enedis — Business Application Ecosyteme

Designing an ecosystem of tools to improve technicians’ working conditions and by extension, the quality of services they provide to clients.

Our work

Immersive fieldwork
Focus group
Codesign workshop
Service design

In numbers

15 000 technicians


Enedis, France’s leading electricity distribution network operator, wanted to rethink the user experience of its 15 000 service technicians.

By optimising working conditions, the company wished to improve the technicians’ efficiency and as a result, the quality of the services they offer to their more than 36 million clients.


The new ecosystem of tools needed to be designed to respond to the technicians’ current needs and use cases, while also anticipating future evolutions in their roles. Notably, Enedis was starting the rollout of new smart electricity meters called “Linky” throughout the country, which would have an impact on the technicians’ on-site interventions.

Attoma’s strength is their ability to advocate for users all along the way.
Mathieu Aveline — Digital Projects Manager at Enedis


After a phase of immersive fieldwork to understand the technicians’ needs, we collaborated with the different project stakeholders to map out user scenarios of the technicians’ typical day. Based on the insights from the field, we designed clickable prototypes of the tools and held codesign workshops with the Enedis project team, CIO, and developers to iterate upon and validate them. This phase of the project allowed us to align the perspectives of the teams working on the field with those of the decision-makers, into a shared vision of the versatile technician of the future.

Two services were prioritised and developed as mobile apps: My day, to simplify work schedule management and My work order, to access, consult, and edit client databases in real time while on the field.


The tools were quickly rolled out, increasing employees’ engagement and bringing together the operational teams with the decision-makers. Enedis observed a net improvement in the rate of resolved cases and in the degree of flexibility, responsiveness, and automation of processes.

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