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Assist Digital
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Experience Utilisateur

Develop a B2B2C service and ecosystem for electricians

Unify a fragmented and siloed ecosystem, creating a seamless user experience from B2B to B2B2C.

Our work

Service design
UX-UI design
Co-design workshops
Collaborative ideation session

In numbers

20 Electricians interviews

15 SE stakeholders involved

9 months projects


Home & Distribution is a business unit within Schneider Electric that specializes in home automation and electrical products for residential and commercial buildings (which are either new builds or in renovation state)

Organised as different software teams, they have multiple digital products helping electricians select, purchase, install and maintain electrical products.

This ecosystem is however very fragmented and siloed therefore needed to be connected to create a seamless

user experience from B2B to B2B2C


Our objective was to bridge the gaps in the Schneider Electric digital portfolio for electricians and synchronize the internal product teams by means of a distinctive user experience journey.

Starting with the business objectives, we delineated the priorities of a variety of users and stakeholders and identified the areas to focus on while establishing the new ecosystem strategy.

Establishing alignment among stakeholders and maintaining a close relationship with the product team were crucial in ensuring a robust connection to the day-to-day product enhancements and future strategy.


For this program, we assembled a team of 4 designers and a Program Director who were solely devoted to this project. Our aim was to assist the Schneider Electric product team with UX/UI design capabilities for ongoing product improvements, while engaging dedicated service design resources on the ecosystem strategy.

Enlisting a dedicated team enabled Schneider Electric to streamline workstream priorities and maintain business alignment throughout the strategic definition.



Our user-centered approach enabled us to align business goals with user expectations, facilitating the development of a relevant strategy and product roadmap. We engaged with users to gain insights into their current journey, and utilized these insights to draft future services that enhance their experience while generating profitable outcomes.


Identifying and mapping the needs of electricians resulted in several idea clusters. In a collaborative ideation session with all Schneider Electric stakeholders, we arrived at three final developed ideas for testing with electricians. To ensure internal business buy-in and adoption we co-created the Business Model Canvas of the service and a detailed roadmap for MVP implementation.

"By thinking as an ecosystem, we were challenged to break down silos and bring our minds together across different teams. Attoma's professional approach helped us achieve this in just a few months." Uyanga GANBOLD

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