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Orange/Orange Money — Design of a sales strategy for African products in shops

Implement a coordinated shop sales strategy for all four African products.

Our work

Observations in-situ
User journey
Ideation workshop

In numbers

4 observations in-situ
6 personas
2 user journey


Orange Money would like to be accompanied on the implementation of a coordinated sales strategy in shops for all its four products targeted at African diasporas. 

Among these products is Orange Money, the Orange Group's mobile money transfer and payment service.


To respond to this need to coordinate the sales strategy of African products, attoma has endeavoured to understand all the products sold by Orange to the African diasporas as well as the needs of the clients. 

Furthermore, the objective of this mission was also to identify the relevant offers of other Orange products and to study the sales methods as well as the current speech of the salespeople, with the aim of defining a sales speech to make customers discover the other Orange services and products.

Very good work, a lot of very interesting tools that we can't wait to see implemented in the field
Guillaume du Roscoät — Marketing at Orange Money


After a field observation phase in 2 Orange shops Money and in 2 Orange shops in Paris, to understand the issues for the salespeople of these shops and to assess the knowledge of customers interested in the products Africa, their needs, expectations and possible reluctance.

An ideation workshop was then held to validate the opportunities detected during field observations and to imagine future tools to facilitate the sale of African products in Orange and Orange Money shops.



New tools, available in Orange and Orange Money shops and to salespeople, will be implemented to facilitate the sale of these African products (corners, posters, flyers, brochures, kakemonos, POS).

These tools are intended to inform customers and also to be sales supports for salespeople in Orange and Orange Money shops.

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