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Health / Wellness

Institut Français de l'Expérience Patient — Improving the patient experience

Relying on a community of committed health care practitioners to innovate in the area of patient experience.

Our work

Service Design workshop
Collective ideation
Modelling solutions
Roadmap definition

In numbers

1 day workshop
60 participants
More than 120 proposed ideas
10 selected ideas


In an effort to take into account the patient experience, the Institut Français de l'Expérience Patient (French Institute for Patient Experience) organised a one-day workshop bringing together 60 participants with diverse and complementary backgrounds (professionals, patients, experts, etc.) to improve the healthcare system.

To achieve this goal, attoma designed and moderated a one-day workshop. The challenge of this workshop was to propose tools and exercises adapted to the participants and facilitators, by providing them with content that is easy to analyse, work with, and share for a maximum of stakeholders.


To define a roadmap of actions to be taken to improve the patient experience.

Above all, to bring together the different actors to create a community of individuals committed to healthcare.

It’s incredible that in a single day, 60 people can conceive of so many elements, leads and actions to promote the patient experience.
Workshop participant


The day was divided into 4 main parts, alternating between plenary sessions and work in small groups:

1/ Introduction and setting the context: Welcome & Icebreaker, Presentation of the workshop themes, context and of the day’s schedule, Speeches by the organisers

2/ Collective Ideation: Ideation in 4 groups, Prioritisation of ideas  

3/ Development of the selected solutions: Further development and detailing of the ideas identified in the 4 groups using a business canvas, Modeling the solutions to represent them visually

4/ Plenary presentation: 5 minutes maximum per group, Positioning of the solutions on the roadmap, Conclusion and next steps


The project made it possible to bring together profiles from different backgrounds (healthcare professionals, institutions, patient associations, etc.).

They collaborated to define the considerations that need to be prioritised in order to improve patient experience and selected 10 solutions that meet these considerations. They then placed these solutions on a roadmap to determine the resources and timeline necessary to put them in place.

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