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Energetic transition

Dalkia — Enrichment of a service offer for swimming pools

Designing an innovative service to provide the various involved parties with appropriate information on the comfort, health safety and energy performance of swimming pools.

Our work

Observations in-situ
Focus groups
Co-design workshops

In numbers

2 observations in-situ
6 user interviews


Dalkia is involved in 25% of public swimming pools in France and designs new technical equipment to treat and improve air and comfort in swimming pools. This equipment generates an important amount of quantitative data. 

Dalka would like to offer new and differentiating services to provide innovative data to swimming pools, particularly within a B2B2C logic.


The main objectives of the project were to understand the uses of futures users of the platform (contractors, swimming teachers, swimming pool public) to better analyze their data needs and evaluate their appetence for new data. 

Attoma focused on identifying priority service leads by target and identifying the associated functionalities as well as proposing formalization solutions and designing interface models for the targets.


There are many actors and stakeholders in the management, operation and occupation of swimming pools.

Attoma conducted in-situ observations and individual interviews in the regions with contractors, as well as 2 focus groups, one with swimming teachers and another one with the swimming pool public, to understand their futures uses in terms of data usage. Based on the users’ uses, this research phase made it possible to design solutions that meet their needs and to understand how to create appetence for new data.

2 service design and co-design workshops made it possible to agree on the most representative future uses, develop service promises for swimming teachers and the swimming pool public, identify strategic service concepts by target and associated functionalities, as well as model the first sketches of the interfaces.


This mission made it possible to confirm the users' problems and to qualify the relevance of each typology of data by target. 

Existing in-house solutions were identified to serve as a basis for the development of new services. Dalkia is positioning itself as a key player in Smart Pools by relying on its ecosystem to design new, differentiating services based on an offer related to air quality and trichloramine management.

The early understanding of problems by contractors and swimming teachers enables better qualification of the problems encountered and the ability to take initiatives. Technicians will be freed from small, time-consuming tasks and will be able to concentrate on energy management, comfort and air quality within the pools.

Concerning the users of swimming pools, a pedagogy will be made by video at the reception of the aquatic centers to allow the evolution of the behaviors concerning the need to soap oneself before bathing. 

Finally, this mission made it possible to place the reflection in a long-term vision perspective and a concrete strategy on the data subject.

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