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Industry 4.0

Aveva Wonderware — The industrial HMIs of tomorrow

Designing demonstrators with a user-centric approach for the world leader in industrial supervision solutions.

Awards :

  • Label de l'Observeur du design
  • IIID
  • UX design award

Our work

Immersive fieldworks
Co-design workshops

In numbers

Deployed to 100,00 sites
Monitors 20 billions parameters
Increases operator efficiency by at least 40%


Wonderware, the world leader of industrial interface design solutions, wants to create demonstrators that showcase the functionalities of its InTouch and System Platform softwares to its customers.

The goal is to demonstrate that with these tools, integrators can build visually appealing, touch based, responsive HMIs that adopt the principles of "situation awareness".  


While Industry 4.0 is collecting more and more data and is undergoing a high rate of operators contracts, Wonderware intends to position itself at the forefront of the sector for which most HMIs running were built twenty years ago. 

The user-centric design approach has to offer templates that save time for integrators upstream while allowing for more efficient and secure operations downstream as well as reducing operator training time. 

Attoma is one of the few companies in the UX design market with experience in industrial software. The screens designed always impress operators and managers by their perceived simplicity.
Didier Collas — Global Monitoring and Control Technical Sales Director at Aveva


After an immersion phase where UX researchers and designers met with users in the food, water treatment and mining sectors, we were able to establish user journeys and personae that identify the needs, processes, types of events and tasks of operators. These elements were used to design the wireframes during several on site and remote workshops with experts. 

A first operator console for a pasta line (Pasta demo) was imagined and then a set of responsive screens for the control room of a wine factory (Wonderwine) was designed. The artistic direction based on the Wonderware design system, clickable mock-ups, design guidelines and promotional films were delivered by the attoma teams.


By designing the HMIs with operators, attoma proposed principles that offer better readability of indicators, contextualization and prioritization of alarms as well as decision support tools such as timelines, detailed mapping, procedure recommendations, trend curves and videos integrated at all levels.

The product demonstrators, guides and animated films have met great success at the brand's various trade shows and have since become standards for industrial HMI design worldwide.

Companies that have adopted these models, from hospital supervision, to airport luggage handling, to Paris water treatment, have experienced a significant reduction in the cognitive load of operators and a clear increase in alarm resolution and overall performance.

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