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L'agence de conseil experte en Design, Technologie et Sciences humaines.

25 rue Titon,

75011 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 42 71 65 92

Assist Digital
Attoma fait partie du groupe Assist Digital et couvre l’ensemble de la chaîne de valeur.

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Our agency

We’ve been working for more than 20 years, in France and abroad, with many major players in industry, smart city, mobility, energy transition and connected living, with a special consideration to all adoption issues involved.

Our close tie with one of the end-to-end Customer Experience European leaders, Assist Digital, enables us to provide our clients with specific high-end skills such as technical development, conversational design, AI and CRM.

Ability to listen, empathy, mental and business agility: our team’s values, as well as the diversity of our skills, allow us to deliver winning solutions co-designed with all relevant stakeholders


From the opportunity
to the roadmap

Multi-channel and digital strategy
Customer experience blueprint
Implementation process
Action plans, Roadmap, Stakeholder mapping
Co-ideation workshops
Expert analysis: user journey and ergonomics audit
Transformation and Agile coaching
Training and Masterclasses

Study & Design

From human
to business value and social meaning

User observation
User experience (UX)
Co-design workshops
Scenarios and User journeys
Information architecture
Service design
Content design
Art direction and User-interface design (UI)
Interviews and Focus groups
User testing
Conversational interface design
Communication artefacts


From conception
to tangible products and services

Technical audit
Technical architecture
Agile design review with developers
Front-end integration
Back-end development
Implementation of artificial intelligence solutions
Conversational interfaces: Chatbot, VoiceBot
, CallBot and IVR


Supporting you, our business!

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of experts in user research, consulting and strategy, service and interface design.

Giuseppe Attoma Pepe

Founder and President, Senior design strategist

Giuseppe Attoma Pepe
Julie Toyes

User research and service design Director

Julie Toyes
Florent Lorthiois

Project Director / Lead designer

Florent Lorthiois

Because it is necessary to bring together a caring and enthusiastic team that will be able to put its expertise to best use in your projects.

Fatima Abiboulla

Sales Manager

Fatima Abiboulla
Bruno Muszynski

Project Director

Bruno Muszynski
Noëmie Longavesne

Project Director and design content consultant

Noëmie Longavesne

Our clients, our pride.

builds a longtime relationship of trust with its clients.

The awards we won together

IIID Awards

 UX Design Award

 Les étoiles de l’APCI

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