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L'agence de conseil experte en Design, Technologie et Sciences humaines.

25 rue Titon,

75011 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 42 71 65 92

Assist Digital
Attoma fait partie du groupe Assist Digital et couvre l’ensemble de la chaîne de valeur.

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The future of design is about conversation

Attoma, a consultancy specialised in Design, Technology and Human Sciences, now supports its customers as a member of the Assist Digital group, one of the European leaders in Customer Experience, by suggesting complementary technologies for ambitious projects of UX/CX transformation.

In an unprecedentedly complex time, attoma is committed to offering all clients its experience and creativity, based on the ethical vision of a future centred on humans and their environment

Thinking the New Normal:
from opportunity to the tangible


We advise and assist our clients from the identification of opportunities to the definition of the actual roadmap, bringing a human-centred approach to your strategic and business goals. As User/Customer Experience experts, we facilitate the sharing of vision with the stakeholders for making smart and responsible decisions. The operational follow-up of our recommendations is systematically enshrined in a sound and efficient project management process.


As pioneers in the user-centred design approach, we integrate cognitive and social sciences into design, thanks to a comprehensive offer of innovative user research and testing methods. By means of collaborative design processes we conceive actionable solutions, that are formally appealing, efficient and perfectly usable. Our approach provides our clients with fair and balanced solutions, entrenched in the users’ real life for a better everyday experience.


Our technology-agnostic vision and open source culture lead us in mastering the very best available technologies and in working with the best experts in order to deploy our design recommendations to high quality products and services.

Collaborating with AI and CRM experts from the Assist Digital Tech Factory allows us to deliver the most innovative solutions on conversational design and on customer care automation.

Our clients, our pride.

 builds a longtime relationship of trust with its clients.


We look forward to hearing about your projects for an ambitious user experience or service design.

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